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The car rental with driver is aimed at both individuals and professionals. It gains the hearts of the public for its flexibility. Private driver Nice

In the case of private clients, car hire with driver is the most frequent choice of wedding, engagement… For companies, it will allow, for example, to transport customers from the airport to the hotel within the company.

There are many cases and the service adapts to the needs of each individual.

However, benefiting the rental, some rules are to know. First of all, you have to contact only the professionals in this sector in order to enjoy the best guarantees and not to compromise the very strict law regarding the transport of people.

After comparing the various offers, contact the company to inquire about the conditions of car hire with driver. The latter are generally focused on several points such as the services associated with the rates, the reservation system, the method of payment for services, insurance or liability of the client and the responsibility of the driver …

Thus for the service, it is stipulated that this type of service can only be accessed by reservation. Fares include fuel, professional liability insurance for customers, time and mileage, toll charges, luggage transport, etc. In order to book, you can place your order through the website of the service provider or make a call directly. For some rental companies, bookings are made at the earliest one month in advance and no later than thirty minutes before the service for example.Private Driver Cannes

But above all you must not forget an important thing when you go through this service: on a long journeyrequiring an overnight stay at the hotel, the hotel and breakfast costs of the driver are at your charge. Transfert airport Nice

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Dedicated to important occasions or special requests, renting a car with driver is a guarantee of high class service. With this type of service, you can enjoy personalized services. Companies operating in this activity provide customers, a range of cars and drivers and this 7/7days.
There are several formulas for car rental with driver. You can make a rental per hour, per day or over several days.
Before you start, you should know that strict rules are applied in the sector.
Large car rental companies with driver are obliged to have full insurance.
Once a year also, each car with driver must carry out a technical inspection in order to ensure the safety of the passengers, which may be professional or private.

Rent your luxury car

For professionals, several types of services are provided: business trip, business trip or transfer airport / hotel … Individuals can also benefit from this service also for a transfer from airports, train stations or for events Such as weddings.



Are you a fan of speed-sensations or exceptional car enthusiasts?
You can realize your project by renting a luxury car, such as a sports car like as the Porsche, the Lamborghini or by making a Ferrari Tour Nice.
It is true that these models of cars are not within the reach of everyone given their very high prices, which is why many rental agencies are now offering them in their offers.
These vehicle models can be rented on time, for the whole day or month. The duration of the hiring adapts to your need and your desires.
It is recommended to go through real professionals to carry out this type of rental because on the web you’r not immune to scams of any kind.
Several guarantees are provided by companies specializing in luxury car rental for more serenity.
The insurance contracts as well as the redemption insurance franchise are drawn up in due form. You should also know that driving these cars is not without risks since the latter are equipped with powerful engines.
You are therefore not immune to possible accidents which would cause damage to the vehicle.
By renting from a real professional, you avoid litigation that may arise from such situations.

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