At the wheel of a luxury car: between dream and prestige

Escape to the wheel of a beautiful Ferrari. Frankly, who does not dream? It must be said that the luxury cars can very well arouse the dreams and desires of the common mortals. These luxury cars arouse the interest of all by their finishes, their power as well as their aesthetics. Unfortunately, they are not accessible to as many people because of their high rates. A nice trifle turning around 200 000 euros is indeed necessary for example for the acquisition of a Ferrari. So how can you make your dream come true in Ferrari on the French Riviera? The answer is simple: make a rental or a Ferrari Nice tour. By the hour, day, weekend or even week, car rental companies are increasingly proposing luxury models for their premium customer. Thanks to them, you will find the Ferrari towers on the French Riviera! But for rental, it is highly recommended to go through the services of a specialized agency. By soliciting a professional, you avoid the dangers of accidents that put cars in poor condition and generally lead to litigation. Be careful, if you have never driven these cars, the agencies may refuse to give you the steering wheel unless you participate in driving courses or Ferrari Cannes tour to get used to driving these machines.

Driving course for sports cars

Ticketing a Ferrari is not within everyone’s reach. This type of racing car does not behave like a classic car because it has very specific technical characteristics. Due to its power also, it can not be driven by a novice, hence the interest of passing driving courses before moving on to a Ferrari rental or Ferrari Monaco tour. During these sessions available throughout France today, the instructor will inculcate a number of things: driving position, handling of the vehicle, mass transfer, transfer of load etc. These driving courses are very appreciated because they then make it possible to make Ferrari Saint Tropez tours and on Côte d’Azur for an improvised getaway. They offer many other advantages that speed lovers appreciate enormously like non-speed limitation since the stage is on a circuit. The immediate sporting pleasure is also there, the opportunity to press the accelerator without being afraid to be reprimanded. The adrenaline and the fun spirit that flow from these flying courses also explain their success.


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The different types of training courses

Driving courses for an unequaled Experience Drive are available in various types. First of all, you should know that these offers are generally offered as gifts. Many people today want to please their loved ones by offering them a circuit driving session alongside an instructor to live intensely this love for speed safely. Among the offers that are offered are the baptisms which are addressed to the people who are initiated for the first time to the training courses of piloting. On this occasion, you discover the universe by discovering the circuit as well as the new sensations. In general, you will be a co-pilot and will do many laps on the circuit. Then comes the “conduct” phase. Apart from baptisms, you can also try the rallies if you benefit from more experiences. The latter are aimed at drivers of somewhat more seasoned drivers who want to test their pilot talents in real situations. It is possible to do as many desired laps but this will be taken into account when billing. The rally can be conducted in a closed circuit to the public. Besides this type of experience, it is possible to do drift courses. Very fashionable, this type of driving provides unparalleled sensations and teaches you to handle completely every minute movement of the vehicle. You will master the techniques of call-back call as well as extreme slide. There are also stunt sessions but in this case you are passenger and non-driver at the very beginning. Then the instructor briefs you and gives you the steering wheel to learn the controlled slips and the like.

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