Car rental with driver: undeniable advantages!

Car rental with driver Nice has become widely accepted today by tourists and businessmen. And for good reason, it provides a number of advantages, including flexibility. Indeed, for people who do not have a car or those who do not wish to drive their own car, the rental becomes a very interesting solution. The formulas proposed are particularly flexible and adapt to each need. The client can choose the duration (a few hours or several weeks), depending on the frequency of the need (subscription or punctual) and the need also (professional moving, marriage, holidays …). Moreover, the customer also has the possibility to choose the type of car he wants: limousine, utility, luxury sports car, sedan … Let us not forget that from the environmental point of view, renting is very beneficial for ecology. If people all rented a car, the number of vehicles traveling in cities would be fewer, which would considerably improve air quality. Note that the car hire with driver Cannes is not the only option possible to have a private driver. By using the services of a VTC for example, you can enjoy all the advantages of a rental without being constrained to its constraints (different insurance, bonds etc.)

What type of car to choose for rental?

Choosing the right type of car can become problematic. That is why it is essential to ask yourself the right questions: what number of places, what budget, what equipment I need, what are the guarantees and other for a rental car with driver Saint Tropez? The answers to these questions will help you know if you need to choose a car or minibus. If you are afraid of a lack of space in case of participation in an event with family or friends or when organizing a party, go for a minibus. It avoids promiscuity during your family travels or great outing among friends. Spacious, it is also comfortable for your biggest pleasure. These minibuses can be rented with or without a driver. But if you opt for the first option, you must hold a B license and it is also necessary that the vehicle has a maximum of 9 seating positions. Are you planning to move? Choose the rental of a utility. With a capacity of 3 to 20 m3, this type of vehicle is dedicated to the transport of bulky objects and removals. It will save you from making many trips and returns which can be the case when you choose a small capacity car. Looking for a getaway and adventure? To go to the mountains, to the countryside or to make raids, do not hesitate to choose a 4×4. Very practical and also very spacious, these vehicles will guarantee you an unforgettable holiday. They can serve among other things for leisure, walks or simple escapes to the discovery of large spaces.




Premium service with luxury vehicles

Are you a very demanding customer? Do not like to drive in any type of vehicle? In this case, the premium services offered by the rental agencies with Nice airport chauffeur or private transport vehicles are made for you. Indeed, to meet your very particular needs, luxury sedans to sports cars are made available to you. At the descent of planes, your car will wait for you at the airport ready to bring you to good destination. A wide range of options are available: baby seat, champagne, chocolate … These premium offers provide great mobility while offering you the luxury you are used to. There are many sports cars available: Porsche, Bugatti Veyron, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini … In the range of luxury sedans, let yourself be seduced by prestigious brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Maserati And other BMW.

By renting these beautiful cars that make you dream with a chauffeur, you avoid the constraints relating to city driving as the search for parking places that can quickly turn into a nightmare. You are also not liable for accidents as you are not behind the wheel. In short, only advantages!

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